January 10 All Events

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January 10th, 2049 (January 10 2049)EventJulius Caesar crosses the Rubicon, signaling the start of civil war.Julius Caesar Quotes
January 10th, 2008 (January 10 2008)DeathChristopher Bowman, American figure skater (born in 1967)
January 10th, 2008 (January 10 2008)DeathMaila Nurmi, aka Vampira, Finnish-born American actress (born in 1921)
January 10th, 2008 (January 10 2008)DeathMikhail Minin, Russian Soviet soldier (born in 1922)
January 10th, 2007 (January 10 2007)DeathCarlo Ponti, Italian film producer (born in 1912)
January 10th, 2007 (January 10 2007)DeathBradford Washburn, American explorer (born in 1910)
January 10th, 2005 (January 10 2005)EventA mudslide occurs in La Conchita, California, killing 10 people, injuring many more and closing the Highway 101, the main coastal corridor between San Francisco and Los Angeles, for 10 days.
January 10th, 2005 (January 10 2005)DeathGene Baylos, American comedian (born in 1906)
January 10th, 2005 (January 10 2005)DeathMargherita Carosio, Italian soprano (born in 1908)
January 10th, 2005 (January 10 2005)DeathJames Forman, American civil rights leader (born in 1928)
January 10th, 2005 (January 10 2005)DeathKalevi Hamalainen, Finnish cross country skier (born in 1932)
January 10th, 2005 (January 10 2005)DeathErwin Hillier, British cinematographer (born in 1911)
January 10th, 2005 (January 10 2005)DeathJack Horner, American sports journalist (born in 1912)
January 10th, 2005 (January 10 2005)DeathJosephine-Charlotte, Grandduchess of Luxembourg (born in 1927)
January 10th, 2005 (January 10 2005)DeathMetropolitan Wasyly Fedak, primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (born in 1909)
January 10th, 2004 (January 10 2004)DeathSpalding Gray, American actor and screenwriter (born in 1941)
January 10th, 2004 (January 10 2004)DeathAlexandra Ripley, American author (born in 1934)
January 10th, 2002 (January 10 2002)DeathW.A. Criswell, American (Baptist) preacher (born in 1909)
January 10th, 2000 (January 10 2000)DeathSam Jaffe, American producer (born in 1901)
January 10th, 1999 (January 10 1999)EventA large piece of the chalk cliff at Beachy Head collapses into the sea.
January 10th, 1999 (January 10 1999)DeathSir Edward Williams, Australian judge (born in 1921)
January 10th, 1997 (January 10 1997)DeathElspeth Huxley, British journalist and writer (born in 1907)
January 10th, 1997 (January 10 1997)DeathSheldon Leonard, American film producer, actor, and director (born in 1907)
January 10th, 1997 (January 10 1997)DeathAlexander R. Todd, Baron Todd, Scottish chemist, Nobel laureate (born in 1907)
January 10th, 1995 (January 10 1995)DeathKathleen Tynan, Canadian-British journalist, author and screenwriter (born in 1937)
January 10th, 1992 (January 10 1992)DeathRoberto Bonomi, Argentine racing driver (born in 1919) Bono Quotes
January 10th, 1990 (January 10 1990)EventTime Warner is formed from the merger of Time Inc. and Warner Communications Inc.
January 10th, 1989 (January 10 1989)EventCuban troops begin withdrawing from Angola.
January 10th, 1989 (January 10 1989)DeathHerbert Morrison, American radio reporter (born in 1905)
January 10th, 1989 (January 10 1989)DeathColin Winchester, Australian Assistant Police Commissioner, murdered (born in 1933)
January 10th, 1987 (January 10 1987)DeathMarion Hutton, American singer and actress (born in 1919)
January 10th, 1987 (January 10 1987)DeathSir David Robinson, English philanthropist and entrepreneur (born in 1904)
January 10th, 1986 (January 10 1986)BirthSaleisha Stowers, American model
January 10th, 1986 (January 10 1986)DeathJaroslav Seifert, Czech writer, Nobel laureate (born in 1901)
January 10th, 1985 (January 10 1985)DeathAnton Karas, Austrian zither player and composer (born in 1906)
January 10th, 1984 (January 10 1984)EventThe United States and the Vatican establish full diplomatic relations after 117 years.
January 10th, 1984 (January 10 1984)DeathSouvanna Phouma, Prince and Prime Minister of Laos (born in 1901)
January 10th, 1983 (January 10 1983)BirthDanilo Dirani, Brazilian racing driver
January 10th, 1983 (January 10 1983)BirthLi Nina, Chinese aerial free-style skier
January 10th, 1982 (January 10 1982)BirthJosh Ryan Evans, American actor (died in 2002) Evans Quotes
January 10th, 1982 (January 10 1982)DeathPaul Lynde, American comedian (born in 1926)
January 10th, 1981 (January 10 1981)BirthBrian Joo, Korean-American singer
January 10th, 1981 (January 10 1981)DeathKatherine Alexander, American actress (born in 1898)
January 10th, 1981 (January 10 1981)DeathRichard Boone, American actor (born in 1917)
January 10th, 1981 (January 10 1981)DeathFawn M. Brodie, American historian (born in 1915)Fawn Brodie Quotes
January 10th, 1980 (January 10 1980)BirthMatt Roney, American baseball player
January 10th, 1980 (January 10 1980)BirthSarah Shahi, American actress and model
January 10th, 1980 (January 10 1980)DeathHughie Critz, American baseball player (born in 1900)
January 10th, 1980 (January 10 1980)DeathGeorge Meany, American labor leader (born in 1894)George Ade Quotes
January 10th, 1980 (January 10 1980)DeathBo Rein, American college football coach (born in 1945)
January 10th, 1978 (January 10 1978)BirthBrent Smith, American singer (Shinedown)
January 10th, 1978 (January 10 1978)DeathPedro Joaquin Chamorro Cardenal, Nicaraguan journalist (born in 1924)
January 10th, 1978 (January 10 1978)DeathDon Gillis, American composer (born in 1912)Eric Gill Quotes
January 10th, 1976 (January 10 1976)BirthAdam Kennedy, American baseball player
January 10th, 1976 (January 10 1976)DeathHowlin Wolf, American musician (born in 1910)
January 10th, 1975 (January 10 1975)BirthJake Delhomme, American football player
January 10th, 1974 (January 10 1974)BirthJemaine Clement, New Zealand actor
January 10th, 1974 (January 10 1974)BirthDavide Dionigi, Italian footballer
January 10th, 1974 (January 10 1974)BirthAkari Kaida, Japanese composer
January 10th, 1974 (January 10 1974)BirthSteve Marlet, French footballer
January 10th, 1974 (January 10 1974)BirthHrithik Roshan, Indian actor
January 10th, 1973 (January 10 1973)BirthRyan Drummond, American voice actor
January 10th, 1973 (January 10 1973)BirthGlenn Robinson, American basketball player
January 10th, 1972 (January 10 1972)BirthThomas Alsgaard, Norwegian cross-country skier
January 10th, 1972 (January 10 1972)BirthBrian Lawler, American professional wrestler
January 10th, 1972 (January 10 1972)DeathAksel Larsen, Danish politician (born in 1897)
January 10th, 1971 (January 10 1971)DeathGabrielle "Coco" Chanel, French fashion designer (born in 1883)
January 10th, 1970 (January 10 1970)BirthMarcus Bagwell, American professional wrestler
January 10th, 1970 (January 10 1970)BirthAlisa Maric, Serbian-American chess grandmaster
January 10th, 1970 (January 10 1970)DeathPavel Belyayev, Soviet cosmonaut (born in 1925)
January 10th, 1969 (January 10 1969)DeathJohn Brownlee, Australian tenor (born in 1900)
January 10th, 1968 (January 10 1968)DeathBasil Sydney, English actor (born in 1894)
January 10th, 1967 (January 10 1967)BirthJohan Laats, Belgian judoka
January 10th, 1966 (January 10 1966)BirthSteve Kramer, American politician
January 10th, 1965 (January 10 1965)BirthButch Hartman, American animator
January 10th, 1964 (January 10 1964)BirthBrad Roberts, Canadian singer (Crash Test Dummies)
January 10th, 1963 (January 10 1963)BirthMark Pryor, American politician
January 10th, 1962 (January 10 1962)EventApollo Project: NASA announces plans to build the C-5 rocket booster. It became better known as the Saturn V moon rocket, which launched every Apollo moon mission.
January 10th, 1962 (January 10 1962)BirthMichael Fortier, Canadian politician
January 10th, 1961 (January 10 1961)BirthEvan Handler, American actor
January 10th, 1961 (January 10 1961)BirthJanet Jones, American actress; wife of Wayne Gretzky
January 10th, 1961 (January 10 1961)BirthNadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, Italian-American violinist
January 10th, 1961 (January 10 1961)DeathDashiell Hammett, American writer (born in 1894)
January 10th, 1960 (January 10 1960)BirthBenoit Pelletier, Canadian politician
January 10th, 1960 (January 10 1960)BirthSamira Said, Moroccan singer
January 10th, 1960 (January 10 1960)DeathJack Laviolette, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1879)
January 10th, 1959 (January 10 1959)BirthFran Walsh, New Zealand screenwriter
January 10th, 1958 (January 10 1958)BirthAnatoly Pisarenko, Soviet weightlifter
January 10th, 1957 (January 10 1957)BirthGreg Walden, U.S. Congressman from Oregon
January 10th, 1957 (January 10 1957)DeathGabriela Mistral, Chilean writer, Nobel laureate (born in 1889)
January 10th, 1956 (January 10 1956)BirthShawn Colvin, American singer
January 10th, 1956 (January 10 1956)BirthAntonio Munoz Molina, Spanish writer
January 10th, 1955 (January 10 1955)BirthMichael Schenker, German guitarist (UFO)
January 10th, 1953 (January 10 1953)BirthPat Benatar, American singer
January 10th, 1953 (January 10 1953)BirthDennis Cooper, American author
January 10th, 1953 (January 10 1953)BirthBobby Rahal, American race car driver and race team owner
January 10th, 1952 (January 10 1952)BirthScott Thurston, American musician, songwriter
January 10th, 1951 (January 10 1951)DeathSinclair Lewis, American writer, Nobel laureate (born in 1885)Sinclair Lewis Quotes
January 10th, 1951 (January 10 1951)DeathYoshio Nishina, Japanese physicist (born in 1890)
January 10th, 1949 (January 10 1949)BirthGeorge Foreman, American boxer
January 10th, 1949 (January 10 1949)BirthJames Lapine, American stage director
January 10th, 1949 (January 10 1949)BirthLinda Lovelace, American pornographic actress (died in 2002)
January 10th, 1949 (January 10 1949)DeathErich von Drygalski, German geographer, geophysicist, and polar scientist (born in 1865)
January 10th, 1948 (January 10 1948)BirthDonald Fagen, American keyboardist, singer and songwriter (Steely Dan)
January 10th, 1948 (January 10 1948)BirthTeresa Graves, American actress and singer (died in 2002)
January 10th, 1948 (January 10 1948)BirthMischa Maisky, Latvian cellist
January 10th, 1948 (January 10 1948)BirthBernard Thevenet, French cyclist
January 10th, 1947 (January 10 1947)BirthAfeni Shakur, mother of Tupac "2Pac" Shakur, member of the Black Panther PartyTupac Shakur Quotes
January 10th, 1946 (January 10 1946)EventThe first General Assembly of the United Nations opens in London. Fifty-one nations are represented.
January 10th, 1946 (January 10 1946)BirthAynsley Dunbar, English musician
January 10th, 1945 (January 10 1945)BirthJennifer Moss, English Actress (died in 2006)
January 10th, 1945 (January 10 1945)BirthJohn Fahey, Australian politician, Premier of New South Wales, chairman of WADA
January 10th, 1945 (January 10 1945)BirthRod Stewart, Scottish singer
January 10th, 1945 (January 10 1945)BirthEdward Wiskoski, American professional wrestler
January 10th, 1944 (January 10 1944)BirthRory Byrne, South African racing car designer
January 10th, 1944 (January 10 1944)BirthBernard Derome, Canadian news presenter (Le Telejournal)
January 10th, 1944 (January 10 1944)BirthWilliam Sanderson, American actor
January 10th, 1944 (January 10 1944)BirthFrank Sinatra, Jr., American singerFrank Sinatra Quotes
January 10th, 1943 (January 10 1943)BirthJim Croce, American singer (died in 1973)
January 10th, 1942 (January 10 1942)BirthWalter Hill, American film director
January 10th, 1941 (January 10 1941)EventLend-Lease is introduced into the U.S. Congress.
January 10th, 1941 (January 10 1941)EventWorld War II: The Greek army captures Kleisoura.
January 10th, 1941 (January 10 1941)DeathFrank Bridge, English composer (born in 1879)
January 10th, 1941 (January 10 1941)DeathSir John Lavery, Northern Irish artist (born in 1856)
January 10th, 1941 (January 10 1941)DeathJoe Penner, Hungarian-born comedian and actor (born in 1904)
January 10th, 1940 (January 10 1940)BirthGuy Chevrette, Quebec politician
January 10th, 1940 (January 10 1940)BirthNtare VI of Ankole, Omugabe of Nkole
January 10th, 1940 (January 10 1940)BirthYesudas, Indian playback singer and classical musician
January 10th, 1939 (January 10 1939)BirthJared Carter, American poet
January 10th, 1939 (January 10 1939)BirthDavid Horowitz, American author and political commentator
January 10th, 1939 (January 10 1939)BirthWilliam Levy, Dutch writer
January 10th, 1939 (January 10 1939)BirthScott McKenzie, American singer
January 10th, 1939 (January 10 1939)BirthSal Mineo, American actor (died in 1976)
January 10th, 1939 (January 10 1939)BirthBill Toomey, American athlete
January 10th, 1938 (January 10 1938)BirthDonald Knuth, American mathematician and computer scientistDonald Knuth Quotes
January 10th, 1938 (January 10 1938)BirthFrank Mahovlich, Canadian ice hockey player and Canadian Senator
January 10th, 1938 (January 10 1938)BirthWillie McCovey, American baseball player
January 10th, 1937 (January 10 1937)BirthThomas Penfield Jackson, American judgeThomas Jackson Quotes
January 10th, 1936 (January 10 1936)BirthBurnum Burnum, Australian Aboriginal activist, actor, author and dreamer (died in 1997)
January 10th, 1936 (January 10 1936)BirthStephen Ambrose, American historian (died in 2002) Ambrose Quotes
January 10th, 1936 (January 10 1936)BirthRobert Woodrow Wilson, American physicist and radio astronomer, Nobel laureate
January 10th, 1936 (January 10 1936)BirthAl Goldstein, American publisher and pornographer
January 10th, 1935 (January 10 1935)BirthRonnie Hawkins, American musician
January 10th, 1935 (January 10 1935)BirthSherrill Milnes, American baritone
January 10th, 1935 (January 10 1935)DeathEdwin Flack, Australian athlete, first Olympic champion (born in 1873)
January 10th, 1934 (January 10 1934)BirthLeonid Kravchuk, Ukrainian politician
January 10th, 1934 (January 10 1934)DeathMarinus van der Lubbe, Dutch communist accused of setting the Reichstag fire (born in 1909)
January 10th, 1933 (January 10 1933)BirthAnton Rodgers, English actor (died in 2007)
January 10th, 1932 (January 10 1932)BirthElaine Devry, American actress
January 10th, 1931 (January 10 1931)BirthPeter Barnes, English writer (died in 2004)
January 10th, 1930 (January 10 1930)BirthRoy Edward Disney, American film executive
January 10th, 1929 (January 10 1929)BirthDerek Hammond-Stroud, English operatic baritone
January 10th, 1928 (January 10 1928)BirthPhilip Levine, American poet
January 10th, 1927 (January 10 1927)BirthGisele MacKenzie, Canadian singer (died in 2003)
January 10th, 1927 (January 10 1927)BirthJohnnie Ray, American singer (died in 1990)
January 10th, 1927 (January 10 1927)BirthOtto Stich, Swiss politician
January 10th, 1926 (January 10 1926)BirthMusallam Bseiso, Palestinian journalist, thinker, and politician
January 10th, 1924 (January 10 1924)BirthLudmilla Chiriaeff, Canadian ballet dancer, choreographer and director (Les Grands Ballets Canadiens) (died in 1996)
January 10th, 1924 (January 10 1924)BirthMax Roach, American percussionist, drummer, and composer (died in 2007)
January 10th, 1923 (January 10 1923)EventLithuania seizes and annexes Memel.
January 10th, 1922 (January 10 1922)EventArthur Griffith is elected President of the Irish Free State.
January 10th, 1922 (January 10 1922)DeathFrank Tudor, Australian Labor Opposition leader (born in 1866)
January 10th, 1921 (January 10 1921)BirthRodger Ward, American race car driver (died in 2004)
January 10th, 1920 (January 10 1920)EventThe League of Nations holds its first meeting and ratifies the Treaty of Versailles ending World War I.
January 10th, 1920 (January 10 1920)BirthGeorges Marchal, French actor (died in 1997)
January 10th, 1920 (January 10 1920)BirthMax Patkin, American baseball player (died in 1999)
January 10th, 1918 (January 10 1918)BirthArthur Chung, President of Guyana
January 10th, 1917 (January 10 1917)BirthJerry Wexler, American record producer
January 10th, 1917 (January 10 1917)DeathWilliam F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, American frontiersman (born in 1846)
January 10th, 1916 (January 10 1916)BirthSune Bergstrom, Swedish biochemist, Nobel laureate (died in 2004)
January 10th, 1916 (January 10 1916)BirthDon Metz, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 2007)
January 10th, 1915 (January 10 1915)BirthDean Dixon, U.S. conductor (died in 1976)
January 10th, 1914 (January 10 1914)BirthYu Kuo-hwa, former Premier of Taiwan (died in 2000)
January 10th, 1913 (January 10 1913)BirthGustav Husak, President of Czechoslovakia (died in 1991)
January 10th, 1913 (January 10 1913)BirthMehmet Shehu, Albanian politician (died in 1981)
January 10th, 1912 (January 10 1912)BirthMaria Mandel, Camp leader at Auschwitz (died in 1948)
January 10th, 1910 (January 10 1910)BirthJean Martinon, French conductor, composer (died in 1976)
January 10th, 1908 (January 10 1908)BirthPaul Henreid, Austrian actor (died in 1993)
January 10th, 1908 (January 10 1908)BirthBernard Lee, English actor (died in 1981)
January 10th, 1905 (January 10 1905)DeathKarlis Baumanis, Latvian composer (born in 1835)
January 10th, 1904 (January 10 1904)BirthRay Bolger, American actor/dancer (died in 1987)
January 10th, 1904 (January 10 1904)DeathJean-Leon Gerome, French painter and sculptor (born in 1824)
January 10th, 1903 (January 10 1903)BirthBarbara Hepworth, English sculptor (died in 1975)
January 10th, 1903 (January 10 1903)BirthVoldemar Vali, Estonian wrestler (died in 1997)
January 10th, 1903 (January 10 1903)BirthViolet Wilkey, American actress (died in 1976)
January 10th, 1901 (January 10 1901)EventThe first great Texas oil gusher is discovered at Spindletop in Beaumont, Texas.
January 10th, 1901 (January 10 1901)DeathSir James Dickson, Premier of Queensland, Australian Minister for Defence (born in 1832)
January 10th, 1895 (January 10 1895)DeathBenjamin Godard, French composer (born in 1849)
January 10th, 1893 (January 10 1893)BirthAlbert Jacka, Australian soldier, first Australian World War I Victoria Cross winner (died in 1932)
January 10th, 1890 (January 10 1890)BirthGrigory Landsberg, Russian physicist (died in 1957)
January 10th, 1887 (January 10 1887)BirthRobinson Jeffers, American poet (died in 1962)Robinson Jeffers Quotes
January 10th, 1883 (January 10 1883)BirthFrancis X. Bushman, American actor (died in 1966)
January 10th, 1883 (January 10 1883)BirthAleksei Nikolaevich Tolstoi, Russian writer (died in 1945)
January 10th, 1883 (January 10 1883)DeathDr Samuel A. Mudd, American medical doctor (born in 1833)
January 10th, 1880 (January 10 1880)BirthManuel Azana y Diaz, Spanish republican President (died in 1940)
January 10th, 1880 (January 10 1880)BirthGrock (Charles Adrien Wettach), Swiss circus clown (died in 1959)
January 10th, 1873 (January 10 1873)BirthJack O Neill, Irish-born baseball player (died in 1935)
January 10th, 1873 (January 10 1873)BirthGeorge Orton, Canadian athlete (died in 1958)
January 10th, 1870 (January 10 1870)EventJohn D. Rockefeller incorporates Standard Oil.John D. Rockefeller Quotes
January 10th, 1866 (January 10 1866)DeathPyotr Pletnyov, Russian poet (born in 1792)
January 10th, 1865 (January 10 1865)BirthMary Ingalls, sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder (died in 1928)
January 10th, 1864 (January 10 1864)BirthGrand Duke Peter Nikolaevich of Russia, son of Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich (died in 1931)
January 10th, 1863 (January 10 1863)EventThe London Underground, the world s oldest underground railway, opens between London Paddington station and Farringdon station.
January 10th, 1863 (January 10 1863)DeathLyman Beecher, US Presbyterian clergyman, temperance movement leader (born in 1775)
January 10th, 1862 (January 10 1862)DeathSamuel Colt, American inventor (born in 1814)
January 10th, 1861 (January 10 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: Florida secedes from the Union.
January 10th, 1858 (January 10 1858)BirthHeinrich Zille, German illustrator and photographer (died in 1929)
January 10th, 1851 (January 10 1851)DeathKarl Freiherr von Muffling, Prussian field marshal (born in 1775)
January 10th, 1850 (January 10 1850)BirthJohn Wellborn Root, American architect (died in 1891)
January 10th, 1849 (January 10 1849)BirthFrancisco Ferrer Guardia, Spanish free-thinker (died in 1909)
January 10th, 1843 (January 10 1843)BirthFrank James, American outlaw (died in 1915)
January 10th, 1840 (January 10 1840)BirthLouis Nazaire Begin, French Canadian archbishop and cardinal (died in 1925)
January 10th, 1836 (January 10 1836)BirthCharles Ingalls, father of Laura Ingalls Wilder (died in 1902)
January 10th, 1834 (January 10 1834)BirthLord Acton, British historian (died in 1902)
January 10th, 1833 (January 10 1833)DeathAdrien-Marie Legendre, French mathematician (born in 1752)
January 10th, 1828 (January 10 1828)BirthHerman Koeckemann, German Catholic prelate (died in 1892)
January 10th, 1828 (January 10 1828)DeathFrancois de Neufchateau, French statesman and intellectual figure (born in 1750)
January 10th, 1824 (January 10 1824)DeathKing Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia (born in 1759)
January 10th, 1815 (January 10 1815)BirthSir John Alexander Macdonald, First Prime Minister of Canada (died in 1891)
January 10th, 1812 (January 10 1812)BirthGeorg Hermann Nicolai, German architect (died in 1881)
January 10th, 1811 (January 10 1811)DeathMarie-Joseph Chenier, French poet (born in 1764)
January 10th, 1810 (January 10 1810)EventThe marriage of Napoleon and Josephine is annulled.
January 10th, 1810 (January 10 1810)BirthJeremiah S. Black, American statesman (died in 1883)
January 10th, 1806 (January 10 1806)EventDutch settlers in Cape Town surrender to the British.
January 10th, 1797 (January 10 1797)BirthAnnette von Droste-Hulshoff, German writer (died in 1848)
January 10th, 1794 (January 10 1794)DeathGeorg Forster, German scientist and revolutionary (died in 1754)
January 10th, 1778 (January 10 1778)DeathCarolus Linnaeus, Swedish botanist (born in 1707)
January 10th, 1777 (January 10 1777)DeathSpranger Barry, Irish actor (born in 1719)
January 10th, 1776 (January 10 1776)EventThomas Paine publishes Common Sense.Thomas Paine Quotes
January 10th, 1769 (January 10 1769)BirthMichel Ney, French marshal (died in 1815)
January 10th, 1761 (January 10 1761)DeathEdward Boscawen, British admiral (born in 1711)
January 10th, 1754 (January 10 1754)DeathEdward Cave, English editor and publisher (born in 1691)
January 10th, 1750 (January 10 1750)BirthThomas Erskine, 1st Baron Erskine, British Lord Chancellor (died in 1823)
January 10th, 1738 (January 10 1738)BirthEthan Allen, American Revolution military leader (died in 1789)
January 10th, 1729 (January 10 1729)BirthLazzaro Spallanzani, Italian biologist (died in 1799)
January 10th, 1721 (January 10 1721)BirthJohann Philipp Baratier, German scholar (died in 1740)
January 10th, 1715 (January 10 1715)BirthChristian August Crusius, German philosopher and theologian (died in 1775) Philo Quotes
January 10th, 1707 (January 10 1707)DeathPhilibert, comte de Gramont, French writer (born in 1621)
January 10th, 1702 (January 10 1702)BirthJohannes Zick, German fresco painter (died in 1762)
January 10th, 1698 (January 10 1698)DeathLouis-Sebastien Le Nain de Tillemont, French historian (born in 1637)
January 10th, 1662 (January 10 1662)DeathPrince Honore II of Monaco (born in 1597)
January 10th, 1654 (January 10 1654)BirthJoshua Barnes, English scholar (died in 1712)
January 10th, 1654 (January 10 1654)DeathNicholas Culpeper, English botanist, herbalist, physician, and astrologer (born in 1616)
January 10th, 1645 (January 10 1645)EventArchbishop William Laud is beheaded at the Tower of London.
January 10th, 1645 (January 10 1645)DeathWilliam Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury (born in 1573)
January 10th, 1644 (January 10 1644)BirthLouis Francois, duc de Boufflers, French marshal (died in 1711)
January 10th, 1638 (January 10 1638)BirthNicolas Steno, Danish geologist (died in 1686)
January 10th, 1628 (January 10 1628)BirthGeorge Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, English statesman (died in 1687)
January 10th, 1607 (January 10 1607)BirthIsaac Jogues, French Jesuit missionary (died in 1646)
January 10th, 1573 (January 10 1573)BirthSimon Marius, German astronomer (died in 1624)
January 10th, 1538 (January 10 1538)BirthLouis of Nassau, Dutch general (died in 1574)
January 10th, 1480 (January 10 1480)BirthMargaret of Austria, Regent of the Netherlands (died in 1530)
January 10th, 1475 (January 10 1475)EventStephen III of Moldavia defeats the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Vaslui.
January 10th, 1276 (January 10 1276)DeathPope Gregory X (bc. 1210)
January 10th, 1094 (January 10 1094)DeathCaliph Al-Mustansir of Cairo (born in 1029)
January 10th, 1072 (January 10 1072)EventRobert Guiscard conquers Palermo.
January 10th, 0976 (January 10 0976)DeathJohn I Tzimiskes, Greek Byzantine Emperor (born in 925)
January 10th, 0681 (January 10 0681)DeathPope Agatho

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